Friday, 25 May 2018

Happy half term!

What a busy time we had in our final few days!

On Friday the 18th of May we had a visitor called Nick from the Norfolk Broads Authority and he came to tell us about all the wildlife in our pond. He brought in a microscope and connected it up so we could look closely at all the different things we found. We had great fun learning about Norfolk Broads animals, especially when asking Nick questions.

Then on Monday some of us went to a workshop hosted by the Norfolk and Norwich Festival. We learnt about the story of Alice Through The Looking Glass with help from some amazing musicians from
We joined in with singing and storytelling and one lucky child got to conduct the mini-orchestra!

On the Wednesday Mr Whitehead led a team of intrepid golfers to Sprowston Manor for a Trigolf event. The children worked really well and impressed everyone with their super skills with each child earning a certificate for their efforts

Alongside all of that in Maths we have been solving problems involving number patterns, symmetry, shape and dominoes! If you fancy having a go at a new challenge... why not look at this:

In English we have been reading and writing poems with an animal theme. We have tried to write mini-poems using only 4 sentences using each sentence type.

In topic we have been thinking about mini-beasts and their habitats. When we come back after the holiday we will look at bigger animals from elsewhere in the world. Can you identify some of their habitats, life cycles and food chains?

Finally, thanks for everyones efforts during the very busy month of May and please remember that if you have any questions, do come and see one of the Year 2 Team.

We hope you have a happy & healthy half-term!
Mrs R & Mr W

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

It has been a very busy week full of animal rescues and dramatic scenes in the role play areas! Thank you for your many and varied toys that have come in to be treated, hopefully they are all on the mend and will be home soon.

In English we have been continuing to use The Great Pet Sale by Mick Inkpen. We have begun to identify features of the book that we will need to use in our own versions e.g. alliteration. We have designed our own main characters to swap for Mick Inkpen's rascally rat. Can your child remember who they have created? They will use their character for their own version of the book during the next few English lessons.

Why not see if you can get hold of some other books by Mick Inkpen to read?
You could look at home, at school in the classroom or the library, visit your local library or even look in the book-swap shed!

In maths we have been handling coins and investigating ways to pay. You can help at home by looking at real coins and talking about their worth. The children have been exploring addition by finding totals of amounts. We have begun to think about giving change and relating this to subtraction. Please continue to practise times tables at home. This relates well to money as you can say things such as "how much are eight 5p coins worth?".

In our topic we are beginning to think about the animals we would find our locality and a little further afield. We will be comparing pets, farm animals and wildlife.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, do come and see one of the Year 2 Team.
Mrs R

Monday, 14 May 2018

Last week we have continued to think about our carnival of the animals topic and have begun to create an animal rescue role-play area. As we have said to the children, they are free to bring in any animal toys if they have asked permission at home and are happy for other children to play with them, it would be best to stick to no more than one or two per child. We have already raided our personal teacher toy collection though, so it is not urgent to do so. We have also used our scientific enquiry minds to learn about life cycles and how they differ for different species.

Our English learning this week continues to focus on the book The Great Pet Sale by Mick Inkpen. So far we have read the story and begun to discuss the animals and language we don’t understand. We will move this on by writing our own version of the story next week. Alongside this we have been thinking about how to use money so that we don’t have to rely on tills or shopkeepers to ensure we receive the correct change. This work has included remembering how we can use chips and peas to help us answer what two items cost or how much change is received.

Finally, with it being the month of May many children have already begun to prove how much they have learnt in the SATS. So far all of the children have been super keen to demonstrate their best so please keep this up till the end of the month. Equally please remember to talk about word meanings, ask questions and make predictions whilst reading books at home. For further ideas on how to help with reading or any queries generally please come and speak to a member of the year two team. You may also find the website below useful to explore with your child at home, especially when reading.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Carnival of the Animals

We have begun our new topic and have enjoyed sharing our prior knowledge and questions. We have started to think about our favourite animals and are beginning to learn about new animals.

Did you know... that whales are mammals? (But they're not furry!)
Mrs R's class found that really exciting.

In English, our text has been Tadpole's Promise by Jeanne Willis. It has a rather unexpected ending! We used the story to discuss feelings and how authors (and illustrators!) show feelings in stories.

In Maths, we are exploring the best strategies for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. In Mrs R's room we explored how to add 19 by... adding 20 and taking away 1! We also looked at data handling and answered questions about tally charts. The data was about garden birds.

In topic, we thought of as many animals as we could and began to decorate the classrooms and role-play areas. Watch this space!

Ideas for your home learning:

  • Make an A-Z of animals, what about an A-Z of insects? or mammals?
  • Research a favourite animal
  • Ask your adults to help you look carefully for mini-beasts in your garden or in the park
  • Make a tally chart of birds you see 
  • Ask your friends and family what their favourite animals are and make a graph that shows the answers
  • Visit the library and choose some topic books
  • Ask a member of your family about their pet
  • Find out about an animal you've never heard about... an ocelot? an axolotl?
  • Use well known websites such the BBC and National Geographic to help you ask and answer questions

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Science Week

It is Science Week here at Garrick Green and Year 2 have begun the week by building structures using marshmallows and straws! We talked about famous structures such as the Eiffel Tower and Sydney Harbour Bridge and how maths, engineering and technology are linked with science.

Today we investigated magnets and explored the different materials they were attracted to. The children loved feeling the force of two magnets pushing and pulling!

We have begun to record our learning in our Science Journals and there will be plenty more experiments for us to do this week.

Why not research and plan an experiment to do at home? There are many books and websites you could use to get ideas. Do come and see one of the Year 2 Team if you need some ideas. (You could explore floating and sinking in your bath!) Remember that you are encouraged to record your findings and ideas in your yellow home learning book.

We look forward to hearing all about your scientific experiments!
Mrs R

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Oh no! No children came to solve Mrs R's word problem. 😢
Let's try another...

Birds’ Eggs 
You will need some counters (you could use pieces of pasta)

Three birds laid some eggs. 
Each bird laid an odd number of eggs. 
Altogether they laid 19 eggs. 
How many eggs did each bird lay? 
Find different ways to do it.

Your child could record their answers in their home learning books. 

This week we have begun to look at the origins of Easter. We have talked about the religious and non-religious elements of the festival. The children have listened to different versions the bible story about the passion of Jesus Christ. They have begun to consider the big concepts that the story makes us all think about.

You could watch these videos:
Let's Celebrate Easter
Easter Story Animation

Here are some ideas for your home learning during the holidays...

  • ask an adult to help you follow a recipe and weigh some ingredients
  • design and make some Easter cards to send to your friends and family
  • read a book by an author who you haven't read before
  • write the Easter story 
  • write a story about the Easter bunny and his or her adventures
  • write some Maths word problems for others to solve 
  • Purple Mash or Education City

We are looking forward to seeing some of you at the open morning on last day of term.
(Wednesday 28th March)

Wishing you a happy and healthy Easter break, Mrs R & Mr Wh

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Let's big up the blog!

Let's big up the blog! 

We are trying to get you and your children engage with the blog. If you have any helpful suggestions or comments then please let Mrs R or Mr Wh know.

Our first idea is... an embarrassing photo of Mrs R... 😀

1. Can your child think of the whole calculation that matches this word problem?
    Which operation do you need to use?        x   ÷   +   -

2. Come and find one of us to tell us the calculation and the answer! Special stickers will be awarded!

3. A bonus point if you suggest names for the five imaginary cats.
    (Can you write a sentence using a list with commas?)

What have we been up to?

Dance with Bryony
We have been practising our dances with Bryony and enjoying the challenging of tutting. (Ask your child to show you!)

Did you enjoy coming into school on Tuesday when the music was on?
Year Two have been learning the songs ready for The Big Sing.
we have learnt to sing and sign: Build It High

Mrs R's favourite is Rockstar by A Great Big World. What's yours?

Why not visit this website for more information: Norfolk Music Hub
Enter the password: singup
Then you'll be able to access the backing tracks and lyrics.

We have been drafting and editing our own versions of the fable The Tortoise and The Hare. If you would like to, why not write your own version of the story with different creatures e.g. The Sea Snail and The Dolphin?

We have been developing our problem solving skills in class by using taught strategies e.g. how do we solve a calculation that has this sign:  x What does it mean? How can we draw or jot to find an answer?

Finally, a note for the children...

Please don't forget to:

  •  make good choices for your adults
  •  ask your adult politely to check that you have spare clothes at school that fit
  •  double check that you have a PE kit at school
  •  read regularly at home
  •  have a go on Education City or Purple Mash
  •  go to bed and get lots of sleep so you are ready for action each day
  •  answer Mrs R's word problem!